Solution for Clean and Smoke Free Kitchen

A chimney basically solves the purpose of getting rid of the smoke from your kitchen. A chimney has a vertical tube designed to draw combustion products, like smoke and gasses, from a piece of equipment like a stove or a hob to the atmosphere outside the house. Mainly chimneys work the same way as an exhaust fan but they work in a more organized way and are stylish in looks.


Fabiano Electric Chimneys are perfect solution for clean and smoke free kitchen. Fabiano produces a range of quality chimneys which help to exhaust strong aromas and smoke emanating from food cooked in kitchens. Now you can cook full exotic meals without suffering from watery eyes due to smoke and aromas of food having electric chimney installed in your kitchen. High suction capacity of motor within few minutes exhaust all smoke from kitchen leaving you with clean and smoke free not just this it also gives your kitchen new and modern look enhancing your standard of living.


Fabiano produces a range of designer chimney, oil collector auto clean chimney and straight line / slim hood chimney. Fabiano is a major producer of home appliances and chimneys in India, whether your kitchen is a small, midsize or large Fabiano electric chimney fulfills all your requirements to create a clean and smoke free kitchen environment. Our exclusive range of traditional and designer modals of chimney will change look of your kitchen. Our range will complete design of a kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


Fabiano a trusted name for generations for its creativity in modern, designer, beautiful and multi-utility kitchen Accessories is proud to present the best and quality chimneys to match your kitchen decor.

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